Penny Dreadful
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Verdict: See It!     
Salim's Review
Created by Sam Mendes and John Logan the team respectively behind Skyfall, with John Logan as showrunner, the show thrusts the viewer into a Victorian England filled with mysterious characters somehow linked to the occult world and Josh Hartnett as a gun slinging American who doesn't know what's what. The show is based on old Victorian pulp horror stories, which were collected into a publication called Penny Dreadful, essentially containing scary stories, some unique, some based off classic literature, like Frankenstein. So while we might think the show is about a group of mysterious individuals dabbling in occult worlds, it's actually an amalgamation of different penny dreadful stories that somehow all fit into this one time period. As a viewer, you are just supposed to go with it once you realize the story is more pulp than grounded reality. Eva Green is a bit vague and too cryptic - obviously they can't show their cards too early - but it becomes clear that they are dancing around the issues. Eva is a bit too much, chewing the scenery, though it doesn't help that she is written somewhat poorly. The first two episodes are directed by JA Bayona, a fantastic director who we know from the amazing films The Orphanage and The Impossible. The issue here is tone, it's grounded one minute, then completely farcical the next, leaving it to the audience to figure out a good middle ground, however, I'm just not finding it.


Kevin's Review
This is one of the most original concepts in years: taking beloved and classic gothic horror characters and putting them together in Victorian, London. The concept is a bit "Buffy-esque" with a group of quirky characters with different abilities gathering together to fight evil, but it works because it's so different from what we've seen before.

The first episode is fun, but feels like it's more about introducing some of the main characters and hinting at a greater story; it doesn't quite feel like a full show, just a lot of interesting set pieces. The actors, however, are all terrific! The second episode though - man - it ramps up the story, the characters, the horror, and the fun. The last moment was amazeballs!


Brenna's Review
Did you watch the awful 2003 film League of Extraordinary Gentlemen? Well, I'm sorry. But you probably thought, "this is kind of a cool concept." If you did, then you'll love Penny Dreadful. Getting everything right that the 2003 film got wrong, this show takes the concept and makes it dark, creepy, beautiful and even sexy. With fantastic dialogue, a compelling story, beautiful production design and an incredible cast headed by the immensely talented Timothy Dalton and intensely creepy Eva Green, Penny Dreadful is anything but.