About A Boy
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Verdict: Skip It!      
Brenna's Review
Rule one of writing: if you're going to make your main character a jerk, make sure he's a likeable jerk.
And don't introduce the world to your character by having him lie in a group therapy circle about being a single father with a kid dying of Leukemia in an attempt to bed a hot single mother at that support group.
The story is comprised of predictable played out rom-com shenanigans, with poor character integration and situation set ups.
And while David Walton is undeniably charismatic, making such a despicable character charming at times, it doesn't make up for the other flaws.
There is a sweet moment or two, but this pilot is overall just a predictable mash-up of romantic comedy tropes we've seen a million times before.


Liz's Review
About A Boy is the new TV show based on the movie, based on the book by Nick Hornby, writer of a few other books that were turned into movies (High Fidelity, Fever Fitch...).
The show's pilot skims through all the interesting plot points of the movie, in 22 minutes, without really alluding to all the parts of the movie that drew audiences in: the arc of its main character, Will.
In addition, the show takes the fish-out-of-water, lonely characters and plops them down, to no dramatic avail, in the most inclusive city in America, San Francisco.
With this adjustment, we could have played with how Fiona and Marcus now fit in but Will does not - a reversal, but no.
The casting of our lead is bad.
He's not relatable, he's about 10 years too young, and he both starts out easily malleable and changes easily throughout... 22 minutes- again, shortchanging the audience on what drew them to the movie and therefore not capitalizing on an already passionate niche audience built into the show.


Sean's Review
The pilot episode of NBC's About a Boy is basically a 22-minute summary of the entire run of events of the 2002 film adaptation of Nick Hornby's novel.
There are flaws in the quickness of the adaptation, having the main character complete his arc over the first episode of the TV show, leaving it up in the air as to where the show can go next.
Minnie Driver and young Benjamin Stockham are fine, but main star David Walton doesn't have the charm that Hugh Grant has to overcome the unlikable qualities of the character.
The series is either completely out of ideas after the first episode or now has the freedom to explore the characters outside the end of the movie and novel and move on to different scenarios not yet explored.
Evidence points toward the former, but there's not enough evidence contained in the first episode to really know.
About a Boy has a troubling start, but the pilot is just a jumping off point and the quality of the show will be revealed in the upcoming episodes.