Killer Women on ABC
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David's Review
First of all, the title is really out of sync with the show - yes, there is a woman that kills someone at the beginning, but that's it. The show is really about Molly Parker, Played by Tricia Helfer, who is one of the first female Texas Rangers. Now I just saw the pilot, so it's hard to judge a show on just one episode - but KILLER WOMEN has some flaws. The writing is not particularly , the story plods along with little building of suspense or tension. And the editing is rather underwhelming, with many scenes going on way too long. However, the show is buoyed by a great cast and great performances. Tricia Helfer is convincing as a Texas ranger, and is supported by Marc Blucas, who plays Dan Wilson, a DEA agent and her love interest as well as Alex Fernandez as Molly's boss.
The show is exec produced by Sofia Vergara, star of Modern Family, but just doesn't feel very polished, especially when compared to other police procedurals, including the new CBS crime drama,Intelligence.