Chicago PD on NBC
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Verdict: See It!     
David's Review
Now I try not to know anything about a new TV show before I review it, so this show was a real surprise - because I did NOT know that the great TV producer Dick Wolf is one of the show runners. I got to watch the first three episodes and frankly - I was blown away. The show takes places at a Chicago police precinct so it feels a lot like Hill Street Blues, but its execution is thoroughly modern and thrilling. It follows a group of detectives led by the charismatic Seargent Hank Voight, played menacingly by Jason Beghe. While he and his crew are very committed to fighting crime, each of isn't squeaky clean - I can't say anything more without it being a spoiler.
The show has a great ensemble cast and what I really liked about the pilot episode is that there wasn't a rush to introduce us to all of the characters. And the production values are very gritty - which is appropriate for the tone of this show.Chicago PD airs Wednesday on NBC.