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Julianne Moore Interview


Zorianna interviews Jualianne Moore about her new indie drama, STILL ALICE.

Starring Zorianna Kit and Julianne Moore.
Directed by David Freedman.
Edited by David Freedman.
Produced by David...

see itWe feel the movie is good enough to justify not just the expense, but the hassle of getting into your car, fighting traffic, standing in line for tickets, squeezing past the other viewers to get to your seat, and putting up with the cell-phone guy, loud laugher, or the annoyingly tall guy who sits in front of you. Does that mean that if we give a film a SEE IT! that we think it’s as good as Citizen Kane or The Godfather? Not necessarily - like all the best reviewers, our recommendations are genre specific; we don’t judge all movies with the same yardstick. If we give a genre movie -- a comic book, sci-fi, or horror film -- a SEE IT! it’s because we feel that fans of that genre are going to love that film and that even audiences that don’t usually go for that kind of thing will find something to enjoy.
stream itThe movie is good, but not good enough to justify all the effort and expense of going out to the cinema. After all, most multiplexes have installed smaller, digital projection systems that aren’t too far off from a nice, large, HD home entertainment system. Order it from your cable/satellite service or stream it from an internet site for a fraction of the cost of a cinema ticket. Cook up some gourmet popcorn, settle in with your squeeze or invite your buddies over, and you’re likely to turn what would have been a disappointing cinema experience into an enjoyable evening.
skip itThis movie just isn’t worth your time. With so many great entertainment opportunities available - everything from the best of television to video games to your favorite old TV shows available - there’s no need to waste an evening on a bad film.
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